Omkar Puri is an ordinary man. He is one of the millions of young men looking for a job. Atleast that is what he is, when we first see him reporting for a job interview in a five star hotel. He is nervous and unsure of himself. He has been through a lot of interviews before without succeeding and as far as he is concerned, this interview is likely to be no different, But it is. Because Omkar, our unsure, nervous, harmless protagonist kills the man who was to interview him. And from then on, his life takes a dramatic turn. Completely shattered, his life is in ruins, Omkar has no idea of what is going to happen to him. But from then on, he becomes a victim of manipulative forces who consider him an ideal pawn for the kind of job they have in mind. Unknown to him, the wheels of justice begin to move against him and Omkar’s bad dream transforms into a nightmare. And our once jobless protagonist lands up with a job – a job to kill.


Release Year  : 1981
Primary Cast   : Naseeruddin Shah, Radha Saluja, Dilip Dhawan, Francis Menezes, Naresh Suri
Produced By  : Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Directed By  : Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Written By  : Mariam Jetpurwala, Renu Saluja, Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Music Director   : Vanraj Bhatia
Director Of Photography   : Virendra Saini
Editor  : Renu Saluja


Naseeruddin Shah
- Naseeruddin Shah
Radha Saluja
- Radha Saluja

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